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Program:  SBIR
Topic Num:  AF071-162 (AirForce)
Title:  Prediction Methodology for Manufacturing Readiness Assessments
Research & Technical Areas:  Information Systems, Materials/Processes

  STATEMENT OF INTENT: In the absence of collective sharing of production information, both prime contractors and their supporting suppliers will seek to manufacture components in such a manner that they optimize within their organization alone. Resources will be allocated to those tasks that benefit the financial outlook of the independent organizations irrespective of the impact those decisions may have on the outcome of a specific program. This produces program yields that are sub-optimal and clearly not in the best interests of the Air Force. Increased communication with suppliers and integrators for the production of critical components is needed and is critical for eliminating waste and for increasing production yields. A methodology is needed that, when implemented, would allow a seamless flow of production information to be provided through the supply chain from producers to the integrator. Combining near real-time supplier information with simulation and communication tools would allow for a predictive assessment of yield to be accomplished and allow for a steady improvement of production yields to be realized.
  Objective:  Provide a methodology to perform near real-time prediction of production yields for the AMRAAM program. This methodology would integrate critical component information from key suppliers and tie into legacy systems both at the prime contractor and suppliers to assist in the supplier phase of predictive analysis. A desired by-product is increased partnering through knowledge-sharing to achieve the desired yield goal.
  Description:  This effort is a Phase One SBIR submission. The contractor will design a methodology for using advanced state-of-the-art IT Technology and vertically integrate that methodology throughout the supply chain for a weapon system integrator. A key performance goal of this effort will be to identify areas of production that are being conducted in isolation and communicating vital information to and from these areas, providing visibility throughout the supply chain – from warfighter to supplier. Completion of this effort will be essential for an accurate assessment of production readiness. The Manufacturing Readiness Assessment (MRA) is a formal process that can provide the current status of manufacturing as well as a production rate and cost forecast based on key attributes of the supply chain. Developing components for demonstrating and validating this technology will be required as part of this effort.

  PHASE I: The contractor will design an effective methodology for web-based communication to reduce waste in the supply chain, thereby improving overall production yields. A vertical integration advanced state-of-the-art IT Technology throughout the supply chain should be investigated. The contractor should investigate methodologies that will assist in the estimation of production costs, technical maturity and associated production yields for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
  PHASE II: Using the results from Phase I, the methodology will be implemented and applied as a portion of a Manufacturing Readiness Assessment (MRA) to assess the maturity of program ready to enter the production phase.

  DUAL USE COMMERCIALIZATION: Military application: This technology can be commercialized and implemented as a module to standard Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems. Also decision support to all programs that rely on integrated supply chain. Commercial application: Technology could apply to any production program.

  References:  1. "The Machine That Changed the World" Womack, Jones, and Roos, 1990 2. "Lean Thinking" Womack and Jones, 2003

Keywords:  Information Systems Technology,Supply Chain Management,Seamless Communication,Manufacturing Readiness Assessment, Subcontractor management

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