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Program:  SBIR
Topic Num:  A10-083 (Army)
Title:  Multi-Threat Passive Detection for Aircraft Survivability Equipment (MTD-ASE)
Research & Technical Areas:  Air Platform, Sensors, Electronics

Acquisition Program:  
 The technology within this topic is restricted under the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), which controls the export and import of defense-related material and services. Offerors must disclose any proposed use of foreign nationals, their country of origin, and what tasks each would accomplish in the statement of work in accordance with section 3.5.b.(7) of the solicitation.
  Objective:  Develop Next-Generation Aircraft Multi-Threat Passive Detection Technology
  Description:  Currently the US Army fields separate equipment to address different individual threats to its helicopters. Size, weight, power consumption, and cost, are some of the issues that prevent the fielding of all the systems on all aircraft to cover the entire spectrum of expected threats. The development of one system, presumably based on a single technology sensor, could significantly lower size, weight, power and cost to the point of permitting widespread fielding of full spectrum threat protection on a greater percentage of Army rotary wing platforms. This effort challenges the industry to develop a single sensor concept for the protection of Army rotary wing platforms from their primary threat classes, consisting of MANPAD missiles, ballistic hostile fire and laser targeting devices. The sensor shall be able, for each threat type, to detect, locate, provide position (range and line of bearing relative to the threat platform), provide threat type and provide this information in the form of a threat warning indication. The goal of this topic is to develop a missile/laser/hostile-fire multi-threat warning sensor for eventual use in a multi-threat single warning system with jammers on rotary platforms. Top-level requirements for this sensor system are: 1) development of a multi-threat sensor design for missile/laser/hostile-fire detection/location at tactically useful ranges, 2) Detection Range of > 4 km for missiles and lasers and 1 km for hostile fire, 3) Compact, light weight design.

  PHASE I: Identify design methodologies, critical design parameters, and the essential component evolution of a passive detection sensor technology necessary to achieve an architecture that is consistent with the technical goals articulated above. Develop an initial sensor design and provide a performance assessment of the design against the above-stated requirements.
  PHASE II: Build and test the Aircraft Multi-Threat Passive Detection Sensor in a laboratory against the relevant threat environment. Threat optics and laser threat simulator will be provided GFE. A SECRET security clearance is required.

  PHASE III: Military: Develop and build a prototype sensor designed to be effective against multiple threat types in a test range. Successful development may result in technology transition into the CIRCM Program of Record. Commercial: Personnel optics sensing devices which have the capability to provide an instant classification estimate of position of personnel using direct view optics such as rifle scopes, binoculars and cameras, over wide areas will have abundant commercial applications, such as the development of security systems, personnel monitoring systems, automobile automatic pedestrian alerting systems, and a new class of advanced Homeland Security Systems. A SECRET security clearance is required.

  References:  1) DARPA Steered Agile Beam (STAB) (2) Naval Research Lab: TADIRCM is a Tactical Aircraft Directed InfraRed Countermeasure system. (3) Infrared Data Link using a Multiple Quantum Well Modulating Retro-reflector on a Small Rotary-Wing UAV. 4) US Army Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) Army Technology Objective (ATO);

Keywords:  Optical, Laser, Sensor, Airborne Survivability Equipment, Threat Detection: Missile, Hostile Fire, Laser

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