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Program:  SBIR
Topic Num:  OSD10-HS4 (OSD)
Title:  Dynamic Meta-Network Analysis
Research & Technical Areas:  Information Systems, Human Systems

Acquisition Program:  
  Objective:  To develop methods and tools to aid visualization of dynamic meta-data social networks to aid analysis of the interdependencies of complex social networks.
  Description:  Most intelligence sources construct social networks with multiple node classes and multiple different relations between nodes. Research that narrowly focuses on single mode networks does not provide adequate information on interdependent relationships and effects. Research needs to include dynamic meta-networks. Being able to distinguish between nodes that are high in information vs. brokers of resources for example is an important capability.

  PHASE I: Analyze the interdependencies in complex social dynamic meta-networks. Provide an approach to building visualization/decision support tools and/or methods to enhance and aid analysis of complex social networks and provide actionable analysis products.
  PHASE II: Build demonstration tools and/or methods to quantify improvements over status quo in social network visualization. Develop at least 3 use cases to demonstrate quantifiable improvements in providing visualization capability to analysts. Quantification should include, as a minimum, a reduction in time to produce actionable analysis products.

  PHASE III: Build prototype tools and/or methods that can demonstrate real world application improvements. Historical exercises/analysis should be demonstrated clearly showing quantifiable improvements in actionable analysis products.

  References:  [1] Freeman, Linton C., Visualizing Social Networks, Carnegie Mellon: Journal of Social Structure, V1, 2000 [2] Freeman, L.C, Webster, C.M., and Kirke, D. M., Exploring Social Structure Using Dynamic Three-Dimensional Color Images, Social Networks, 20, 1998, p109-118 [3] Wollman, Matt, Digital Information Graphics, Watson-Guptill Publications, Inc., 2002

Keywords:  Social networks, Dynamic networks, Intelligence, Visualization

Questions and Answers:
Q: Are you interested specifically in advancing Dynamic Meta-Network technology, or in any approach that deals with evolving networks of cognitively realistic agents?
A: It is advancing both technology and dynamic meta network analytical techniques to include data collection methods and reasoning methods.

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