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Program:  STTR
Topic Num:  AF11-BT30 (AirForce)
Title:  Assured Information Sharing in Clouds
Research & Technical Areas:  Information Systems

  Objective:   The United States Air Force is looking for technological innovations to provide assured information sharing capabilities using flexible cloud computing based architectures.
  Description:   Assured information sharing (AIS) frameworks should provide the ability to dynamically and securely share information at multiple classification levels among U.S., allied and coalition forces. As stated by Daniel Wolfe (formerly of NSA), “the ultimate goal for AIS is to deliver the power of information to ensure mission success by enabling better decision making.” Creating such AIS frameworks create multiple challenges. First of all, many mission critical tasks require just in time sharing, processing and mining of large amount of information. In addition, the assured information sharing requirements for different stakeholders could be different. Finally the information could be increasingly stored in clouds. To address this challenge for critical combat missions as well as for logistic operations, there is an urgent need to develop policy based information sharing and secure federated query processing in clouds. Scalable solutions need to be developed for wide-scale deployment. This topic requests proposals to provide efficient, scalable and easy-to-use cloud based AIS solutions that are deployable on mobile devices with limited computational capabilities.

  PHASE I: Perform preliminary investigations of advanced AIS solutions that can be combined with cloud based architectures to provide flexible and efficient policy based information sharing and query techniques.
  PHASE II: Develop proof-of-concept demonstrations of the technology.


  DUAL USE COMMERCIALIZATION: Military Application: Results of the research will have tremendous applications in assured information sharing across domains for mission critical operations. Commercial Application: Results of the research will have application to commercial information sharing and data analytics needs (e.g., information exchange between financial organization, DHS, and DoJ).

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