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Program:  SBIR
Topic Num:  OSD11-EP2 (OSD)
Title:  Human Machine Interface to Power and Energy Network
Research & Technical Areas:  Ground/Sea Vehicles, Electronics

Acquisition Program:  PEO CS&CSS
  Objective:  To develop a semi-autonomous operator's control center for operational power and energy networks in military systems.
  Description:  The military has been developing advanced Power and Energy Networks that will allow for more efficient, flexible, and resilient energy security systems. There is a need to develop the human-machine interface enabling the operator to control and influence the network, ensuring the network is achieving its optimal potential in relevant operational environments. The interface would need to display the state of the system and all components that make up the power and energy network as well as allow for controlling that state, including alerts of power spikes or drains, thermal issues, electrical parameters and discontinuities, and mechanical health. The interface will display recommendations for steps the operator may undertake to mitigate any problems, ranging from additional focused monitoring to manual emergency manual shut-down. Challenges include the development and integration of appropriate models that represent the power and energy system and obtaining accurate sensor information from constituent devices. Further challenges are displaying the information in an understandable format and allowing for an efficient response time for the operator interaction with the network's mechanics.




Keywords:  Power, electrical power, Human-Machine Interface

Questions and Answers:
Q: Will the sponsor give us good access to both the details of the system and people who are familiar with running it?
A: No, details of the system are flexible for Phase I and is left open, as long as it fits the description in the SBIR. This is a research topic with new innovation, hence access to people familiar with running it will not arise at this point.

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