As of midnight February 11, 2015, questions for solicitation SBIR 15.1 & STTR 15.A will no longer be accepted.
The purpose of SITIS is to provide technical clarification on solicitation topics. Any other questions will not receive a response. In SITIS, questioner and respondent remain anonymous and all technical questions and answers are posted electronically for general viewing.
Questions that deal with the technical aspect of a specific topic in the DoD SBIR FY2015.1 and DoD STTR FY2015.A Solicitation will be accepted in SITIS through February 11, 2015. Once DoD begins accepting proposals on January 15, 2015, questions may only be submitted through the SITIS system because direct contact between proposers and topic authors is no longer allowed.
View SITIS Quick Scan daily to see which topics currently have Q&As or other information. To submit a technical question, click on the topic number listed in Quick Scan and scroll to the New Question section at the bottom.
If you haven't used this system before, you should first read the SITIS Instructions, which explains how to use the system, as well as what to expect from SITIS.

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Updated: February 2015