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  Q&A   A14-081   SBIR   14.2    Army   Innovative Situational Awareness and Decision Making Algorithms on Open Architecture System-on-Module
  Q&A   A14-082   SBIR   14.2    Army   Projectile Energy Devices
  Q&A   A14-083   SBIR   14.2    Army   Scalable Design Method for Reconfigurable Canard Actuation Systems
  Q&A   A14-084   SBIR   14.2    Army   Hybrid Projectile Components Miniaturization
Info   Q&A   A14-085   SBIR   14.2    Army   Hemispheric Imaging System
  Q&A   A14-086   SBIR   14.2    Army   Room Temperature Ballistic Testing Backing Material
  Q&A   A14-087   SBIR   14.2    Army   Network Integration and Communication Through Jungle Canopy Barrier
  Q&A   A14-088   SBIR   14.2    Army   Using Indigenous Materials for Construction
  Q&A   A14-089   SBIR   14.2    Army   Development of Passive, Real-time, 3-D/4-D Imaging for Intelligence and Surveillance
  Q&A   A14-090   SBIR   14.2    Army   Development of Process to Produce Vitreous-Enameled Fibers for Use in Concrete Panels for Protection of Soldiers
  A14-091   SBIR   14.2    Army   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Instrumentation for Geotechnical, Geospatial and Geophysical Investigations
  DLA142-001   SBIR   14.2    DLA   Advanced Battery Manufacturing Technologies
  Q&A   DMEA142-001   SBIR   14.2    DMEA   Quantum Cryptography Single Photon Detector Chip
  Q&A   MDA14-001   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Secure and Survivable Electronics and Software
  MDA14-002   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) Materials Design Improvements
  Q&A   MDA14-003   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Track Refinement from Off-Nominal Break-Up
  Q&A   MDA14-004   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Command and Control Course of Action (COA) Analysis Tool
  Q&A   MDA14-005   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Innovative and Modular Open System Radar Algorithm Test Environment
  Q&A   MDA14-006   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Reconfigurable Memory or Central Processing Unit (CPU) Instruction Architecture
  Q&A   MDA14-007   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Radio Frequency (RF) Field Sensor for Integrated Circuits (IC)
  MDA14-008   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Mapping Debris Trajectories Through a Fireball
  MDA14-009   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Late-Time Sensor Characterization for Missile Intercept Debris
  Q&A   MDA14-010   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Innovative Data Architecture Generation Across a Complex System of Systems (SoS)
  Q&A   MDA14-011   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Statistically Significant Simulation (SSS) of the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS)
  Q&A   MDA14-012   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Development of High Performance Computing (HPC) Technology for a Distributed Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Hardware Infrastructure
  Q&A   MDA14-013   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Innovative Solutions to Insensitive Munitions (IM) Fast Cook-off (FCO) Environments and Testing
  Q&A   MDA14-014   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Weight Optimized Mitigation to Direct Effects of Lightning Strike on a Missile Body
  Q&A   MDA14-015   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Missile Avionics Architecture Insensitive to Transient Power Interrupts
  Q&A   MDA14-016   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Variable Gravity Two-Phase Heat Sink for Airborne Directed Energy Systems
  MDA14-017   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Robust Phase Modulators and Polarization Controllers for High Power Fiber Lasers
  Q&A   MDA14-018   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Enhanced Sensor Systems
  Q&A   MDA14-019   SBIR   14.2    MDA   High-End Tactical Grade Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) Technology for Missile Defense
  Q&A   MDA14-020   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Maturity and Durability Enhancement of Advanced Aerospace Materials
  Q&A   MDA14-021   SBIR   14.2    MDA   High Performance Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) Focal Plane Array (FPA) Sensor for Missile Defense
  Q&A   MDA14-022   SBIR   14.2    MDA   Miniaturized Safe and Arm (S&A) Devices
  Q&A   N142-083   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Development of an HSI Module and Material-Design Software to Support Concurrent Design Concept Exploration
  Q&A   N142-084   SBIR   14.2    Navy   In-Situ, Non-Destructive Permethrin Test Device for Military Fabrics and Uniforms
Info   Q&A   N142-085   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Protective Helmet Suspension and Retention System
  Q&A   N142-086   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Ad-Hoc Ground Based Counter-Fire System
Info   Q&A   N142-087   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Expeditionary Portable Oxygen Generation System
  Q&A   N142-088   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Insulating Barriers for Softwall Shelters
  N142-089   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Foldable High G-Force Resistant Patient Litter
  Q&A   N142-090   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Crew Role-player Enabled by Automated Technology Enhancements (CREATE)
  Q&A   N142-092   SBIR   14.2    Navy   High Power Battery for Long-Range Air-to-Surface Missile
  Q&A   N142-093   SBIR   14.2    Navy   High-Power Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Laser Array with Continuous-Wave Output Power Exceeding 100W
  Q&A   N142-094   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Adaptive Radar Modes for Signature Exploitation
  Q&A   N142-095   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Air Vehicle Communication in a Denied Environment
  Q&A   N142-096   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Low Cost Information Assured Passive and Active Embedded Processing
  Q&A   N142-097   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Innovative Tactical Bulk Fuel Delivery System Restraint System
  Q&A   N142-098   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Universal Decoder for Airborne Generated Data
  N142-099   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Tactical Airplane Noise Reduction via Advanced Automated Computational Airframe Aft-End Integration Technologies
  Q&A   N142-100   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Ruggedized, Ultra-Compact, High Dynamic Range, Dual-Output Wideband Electro-Optic Modulator
  Q&A   N142-101   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Atmospheric Ice Detection and Avoidance System for Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft
Info   Q&A   N142-102   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Micro Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)
  Q&A   N142-103   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Innovative CH-53K Cargo Floor System
  N142-104   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Effective Measures of Training Display System Performance
  Q&A   N142-105   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Intelligent Multi-Computing-Platform for Complex Tactical Manned and Unmanned Engagement Planning and Data Distribution
  Q&A   N142-106   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Mitigation of Military Communication and Radar System Interference from Current and Future Fixed and Mobile Wireless Broadband Systems
  Q&A   N142-107   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Advanced Arresting Gear Cable for Lighter Weight and Longer Service Life
  Q&A   N142-108   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Electronic Thermally Initiated Venting System (ETIVS) Trigger and Thermal Sensor
  N142-109   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Micro Towed Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) System for Rotary Wing and Vertical Take-Off Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (VTUAVs)
  Q&A   N142-110   SBIR   14.2    Navy   High Power, Long Endurance Battery
  N142-111   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Wide-Angle Acoustic Beam Steering with Arrays of PiezoCrystal Tonpilz Transducers
  N142-112   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Single-Transceiver Dynamic Spectrum Access (ST-DSA)
  Q&A   N142-113   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Expeditionary Cyber Network (X Net)
  Q&A   N142-114   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Spectrum Monitoring Payload for ScanEagle Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  Q&A   N142-115   SBIR   14.2    Navy   High-Performance Deformable Mirror Technology Test and Evaluation Platform
  Q&A   N142-116   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Affordable, Scalable, Ocean Energy Harvesting System
  Q&A   N142-117   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Components for a Deep Drifting Sonobuoy
  Q&A   N142-118   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Co-Site Interference Mitigation for Wideband Receivers
  N142-119   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Ultra Sharp Fiber Architectures for Ceramic Composites
  Q&A   N142-120   SBIR   14.2    Navy   High Fidelity Prediction of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
  Q&A   N142-121   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Extended Range Forecasting and Advanced Climate Applications Decision Support System
  N142-122   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Opportunistic Real-Time Multimodal Sensor Content Exploitation
  Q&A   N142-123   SBIR   14.2    Navy   High Speed and High Voltage Capacitors for Naval HPRF Directed Energy Applications
  Q&A   N142-124   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Next-Generation of Maintenance Skills Training System
  N142-125   SBIR   14.2    Navy   Affordable Manufacturing of Refractory Metal Components
  Q&A   SB142-004   SBIR   14.2    DARPA   UNIVERSAL ANTIVENOM
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