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Info   Q&A   A14A-T001   STTR   14.A    Army   High Fidelity In/Above-Horizon Rotorcraft Noise Measurement System
Info   A14A-T002   STTR   14.A    Army   Ultrafast Physical Random Number Generation Using Chaos
  Q&A   A14A-T003   STTR   14.A    Army   Compressive Sampling Applied to Millimeter-wave Single Detector Imagers
  A14A-T004   STTR   14.A    Army   High Gain, High Power PCSS with Integrated Monolithic Optical Trigger
  Q&A   A14A-T005   STTR   14.A    Army   Ultra-Coherent Semiconductor Laser Technology
  Q&A   A14A-T006   STTR   14.A    Army   Powerful Source of Collimated Coherent Infrared Radiation with Pulse Duration Fewer than Ten Cycles
  A14A-T007   STTR   14.A    Army   High-Performance Magnesium Alloys and Composites by Efficient Vapor Phase Processing
  Q&A   A14A-T008   STTR   14.A    Army   Low Power Monolayer MoS2 Transistors for RF Applications
  Q&A   A14A-T009   STTR   14.A    Army   Technology to Regulate Circadian Rhythm for Health and Performance
  Q&A   A14A-T010   STTR   14.A    Army   Cryogenic Low-Noise Amplifiers for Quantum Computing and Mixed-Signal Applications
  A14A-T011   STTR   14.A    Army   Freeze Casting of Tubular Sulfur Tolerant Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  Q&A   A14A-T012   STTR   14.A    Army   Biologically-Derived Targeted Antimicrobials for Textile Applications
  A14A-T013   STTR   14.A    Army   Parallel Two-Electron Reduced Density Matrix Based Electronic Structure Software for Highly Correlated Molecules and Materials
  Q&A   A14A-T014   STTR   14.A    Army   Flexible Ionic Conducting Membranes for Anode Protected High Energy Density Metal Air Power Sources
  A14A-T015   STTR   14.A    Army   Tunable High-Power Infrared Lasers for Standoff Detection Applications
  A14A-T016   STTR   14.A    Army   Innovative Wound Regeneration Support Approaches to Enable Rapid Treatment of Wounded Warfighters
  Q&A   A14A-T017   STTR   14.A    Army   Multiple Hit Performance of Small Arms Protective Armor
  Q&A   A14A-T018   STTR   14.A    Army   Intelligent Terrain-Aware Navigation and Mobility of Unmanned Ground Vehicles Operating Under Varying Degrees of Autonomy
  Q&A   AF14-AT01   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Embedded Sensors for Flight Test (Every Aircraft a Test Aircraft)
  Q&A   AF14-AT02   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Telemetry for Massive Data Transfer and Storage
  Q&A   AF14-AT03   STTR   14.A    AirForce   High Resolution / Wide Bandwidth Arbitrary Waveform Generator for Telemetry Applications
  Q&A   AF14-AT04   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Fast and Efficient Nonlinear Flutter Prediction Capability
  Q&A   AF14-AT05   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Techniques for Composite Materials with Low Density Gradients
  AF14-AT06   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Formal Synthesis and Verification Techniques for Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems
  Q&A   AF14-AT07   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Higher Order Mesh Generation for Simulation of Complex Systems
  Q&A   AF14-AT08   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Highly-Resolved Wall-Shear-Stress Measurement in High Speed Flows
  Q&A   AF14-AT09   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Multi-scale Interrogation, Location, and Characterization of Defects using Electro-Optic Techniques
  AF14-AT11   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Nanoscale Field Effect Transistors for Biosensing Applications
  Q&A   AF14-AT12   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Electrically Small Multiferroic Antennas
  Q&A   AF14-AT13   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Silicon Photonic-Electronic System Level Integration
  Q&A   AF14-AT15   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Quantum-Entanglement Based QKD Security Guarantee Over QoS-Driven 3-D Satellite Networks
  AF14-AT16   STTR   14.A    AirForce   A Range Segment Upgrade for Air Force Satellite Control Network with Smart Antennas and Cognitive Satellite Radios
  Q&A   AF14-AT17   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Protection of DoD Satellite Communications Against RF Interferences and Personal Mobile Telecommunications
Info   Q&A   AF14-AT21   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Breath Based Biomarkers of Fatigue
  Q&A   AF14-AT22   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Particulate Composite Mixing Processes
  Q&A   AF14-AT23   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Phase Transitions, Nucleation and Mixing Modeling through Trans-Critical Conditions
  Q&A   AF14-AT26   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Large, High Transparency Non-Isotropic Ceramics
  AF14-AT27   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Physics-Based Models for Mid-IR Bismides Semiconductor Lasers
  Q&A   AF14-AT28   STTR   14.A    AirForce   Electronic Warfare: EMS Monitor & Broadcast Training Capacity Enhancement
Info   Q&A   N14A-T002   STTR   14.A    Navy   Innovative Unified Damage Mechanisms-Based Model to Predict Remaining Useful Life for Rotorcraft Structures
  Q&A   N14A-T003   STTR   14.A    Navy   Light-Weight, Solar Cells with High Specific Power and Conversion Efficiency
  Q&A   N14A-T004   STTR   14.A    Navy   Active Combustion Control (ACC) of Augmentor Dynamics
  Q&A   N14A-T005   STTR   14.A    Navy   Design Optimization and Analysis of Advanced Exhaust Systems
  Q&A   N14A-T006   STTR   14.A    Navy   Development of a Safer Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Battery for Naval Aircraft Applications Through Thermal Management Design
  Q&A   N14A-T007   STTR   14.A    Navy   More Efficient GaN - SiGe based MMICs for Communication and Radar Systems
  Q&A   N14A-T008   STTR   14.A    Navy   Object Cueing Using Biomimetic Approaches to Visual Information Processing
  Q&A   N14A-T009   STTR   14.A    Navy   Precise Positioning with Local Signal Carrier Phase Measurements and Global Positioning System (GPS) Fusion
  N14A-T010   STTR   14.A    Navy   Innovative Materials for Microwave Tube Applications
  N14A-T011   STTR   14.A    Navy   Development of Characterization of Failure Modes for Mechanical Components
  Q&A   N14A-T012   STTR   14.A    Navy   Environmental Effects Radar Modeling For Training
  Q&A   N14A-T013   STTR   14.A    Navy   Durable Low Adhesion Anti-Icing and Ice-Phobic Surfaces
Info   Q&A   N14A-T014   STTR   14.A    Navy   Surface Modification Process to Limit Cathodic Current Density
  N14A-T015   STTR   14.A    Navy   Anesthesia Ventilator for Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins and California Sea Lions
  Q&A   N14A-T016   STTR   14.A    Navy   Acoustic Counter Detection Tactical Decision Aid
  Q&A   N14A-T017   STTR   14.A    Navy   Processing of High-Strength Ultra-Conductive Wire
  Q&A   N14A-T018   STTR   14.A    Navy   Compact Megavolt Switch Utilizing Novel Switching Mediums
  Q&A   N14A-T019   STTR   14.A    Navy   Multi-Modal Biosensing
  Q&A   N14A-T020   STTR   14.A    Navy   Development of a Micro-glider for Oceanographic Air-Sea Interaction Sampling
  Q&A   N14A-T021   STTR   14.A    Navy   Affordable 3D Printed Phased Arrays
  N14A-T022   STTR   14.A    Navy   Expendable Direct Sensing for AUV Based Geotechnical Survey Operations
  Q&A   N14A-T023   STTR   14.A    Navy   Wideband RF Photonic Link with Real-time Digital Post Processing
  Q&A   N14A-T024   STTR   14.A    Navy   Information and Decision Recommender
  Q&A   N14A-T025   STTR   14.A    Navy   Improving the Life Expectancy of High Voltage Components Using Nanocomposite Surface Solutions
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