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Topics for current Department of Defense (DoD) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program Solicitations may be easily accessed from this search page. Currently, only an SBIR solicitation is available for release. You have the option of utilizing the predefined Basic Search or creating your own Custom Search to meet your needs. The combination of these search options allows you to retrieve the specific DoD SBIR or STTR Topics data you wish to view in a quick and easy format.

SBIR/STTR Topics - Search Tips

Tips for Searching

Developing search criteria is easy. And with tips on this page, you can get more complete results.
  • You may search a word or phrase.

  • Searches are NOT case sensitive, so you can type in uppercase or lowercase. (i.e., searching on Computer, COMPUTER, or computer delivers the same results)

  • Multiple consecutive words are treated as a phrase; they must appear in the same order within a matching document. For instance, if you type:

    artificial intelligence

    The Search Engine will literally look for the complete phrase artificial intelligence. But if you use Boolean operators on the same query:

    artificial ^AND intelligence

    It searches all documents for the words artificial and intelligence in the same record, regardless of order.

  • You can search for words with the same prefix. For example, type key to find key, keys, keying, keyhole, keyboard, and so on.

  • You can use Boolean (^AND, ^OR, and ^NOT) to specify a more precise search.

    To Search ForExample
    Both terms in the same recordlaser ^AND radar
    Either term in a recordlaser ^OR radar
    The first term without the second termimage ^NOT processing

SBIR/STTR Topics - Basic Search Scoop

Basic Search

The basic search makes searching topics quick and easy.

Topic Number Search

'Search by Topic Number:' Drop Down List

If you know the topic number of the topic you want to view, just select it from the drop down list and press the search button and the full topic details will be displayed.

Keyword Search

Just enter the word(s) you want to search on in the input box and press the Search button. Topics containing the search criteria will be returned in a list. Clicking on any of the topics in this list brings up the full topic details.

'Search by Keyword:' Input Box

This box is where you indicate the word or words for which you wish to search. This can be as general as the word 'Environmental' or as specific as 'high speed performance aircraft'.

If the Search by Keyword: box contains the word pressure, the search would discover every occurrence of the word pressure as well as any words/phrases containing the letters p-r-e-s-s-u-r-e in sequence.

To search for a phrase, type in the words without quotation marks. For example, for the phrase high speed aircraft, the search would discover only instances where the entire string exists in the sequential format -- high speed military aircraft WOULD NOT be returned in this example; however, the string high speed aircraft, including military WOULD be included in the results.

To perform a literal search, type quotations marks around the word. For example, for the word mark, the search would return mark, marker, marked but would not return bookmark.

Boolean (^AND, ^OR, and ^NOT) may be used to search topics. A search on high speed ^AND aircraft ^AND military would find high speed military aircraft.

A good rule of thumb is to initially enter a broad search scope. If too many matches are discovered, you can always narrow your search for more specific information. As you gain a better understanding of how the search performs, you will be able to target desired records easily.

Limit search to within

This box will display only the programs which are available during the current solicitation and allows you to select which DoD program topics -- SBIR and/or STTR -- you are interested in.
    This option returns any SBIR or STTR topic matching the search criteria.

  • SBIR Only
    This option returns SBIR topics matching the search criteria.

  • STTR Only
    This option returns STTR topics matching the search criteria.

AND Matches within

You have the option of searching the main text areas -- the Description, Keywords, and Title fields -- or just the Title field. This drop down list allows you to choose one of two predefined search options:
  • Search Description, Keywords, and Title
    (DEFAULT) This option searches the Description, Keywords, and Title fields for the criteria specified in the Search by Keyword: area of the basic search page. This option is best if you are looking for topics within technology areas of your interest. However, if you are searching for a specific topic number or citation in a reference, the one of the other options should be used, or for more complex searches the Custom Search should be used.

  • Search Title Only
    This options searches only the Title field in the database for the criteria specified in the Search by Keyword: input box. This option will return a match if the word or string is found anywhere within the Title field.

Sorted by

You have the option of sorting the results of the search by topic number (default) or by agency.

Displaying Search Results

SBIR/STTR LISTING - Topics Search Results

LIST - Topics Search Results

Once you've defined your search and pressed the SEARCH button, the results of your search will appear in a table called the LIST. The LIST shows only a few, but descriptive, fields. To see all the information available for a topic, click on the number to the far left of the row to move into the DETAILS window.
SBIR/STTR DETAILS - Topics Search Results

DETAILS - Topics Search Results

Displays all information available on the SBIR or STTR topic. To move to another topic in the LIST, either use the Navigation Buttons on the bottom of the page to move to the next or previous topic, or select the LIST button on the top of the page to return to the LIST window.

Navigation Buttons

When viewing the details for a particular record, you will notice four navigation buttons at the bottom of the page. They allow you to move between records matching a particular search without returning to the LIST page to choose an individual record.
<<Moves you to the first record discovered in your search.
<Moves you to the previous record (one back from the current) discovered in your search.
>Moves you to the next record (one forward from the current) discovered in your search.
>>Moves you to the last record discovered in your search.

SBIR/STTR Topics - Custom Search Scoop

Custom Search

A custom search gives you the flexibility to define detailed search criteria. To create a custom search, simply enter the information to be searched for in the appropriate database field input box. These criteria can be as simple or complex as you deem necessary. Leaving a field blank simply indicates that you do not wish to have that field included in the search criteria. Blank fields will not be included in the search, but their values will be displayed for matching records.


  • To search for all SBIR records, simply select SBIR from the Program box.

  • To search for all MDA records, simply select MDA from the Agency box.

  • To search for all records which apply to Sensors, simply select Sensors from the Research/Tech Areas box.

  • To view information for Navy topic N04-005, enter that N04-005 in the Topic Number input box.

  • If you want to see all Air Force topics which contain the word 'Performance' in the title, you would select AF from the Agency box and enter Performance in the title input box.


  • Topics Custom Search will discover all records which contain the specified characters/numbers at any point in the field. If you enter '001' in the Topic Number input box, all records which contain 001 in the topic number will be discovered (i.e., AF04-001, N04-001, MDA04-001). If you enter 10 in the Topic Number input box, topic numbers such as DTRA04-010, N04-109, or AF04-210 would match.

  • Keep in mind that most topic numbers (such as AF04-001) are made up of three parts:
    1. Agency Acronym (A=Army, N=Navy, AF=Air Force, DARPA, DTRA, MDA, SOCOM, OSD, CBD, NGA)
    2. Fiscal Year (two digits -- i.e. 04)
    3. Sequential Number (three digits -- i.e. 001)
    However, some agency topic numbers have a slightly different format (i.e., DARPA SB041-001, DARPA ST04-004, ARMY04-T002). Note that STTR topics usually have a "T" in the middle (i.e., AF04-T019, MDA04T-003).

  • Currently, this search only returns a match if the record meets all the search criteria. If you entered Performance for Title and Sensor for Research & Technical Areas, only records which contain 'Performance' in the title AND 'Sensors' in the Research & Technical Areas will be returned.

Displaying Search Results

  • Alert Me If >25 Matches
    Once your search is performed, the server counts the number of records discovered. If this number is greater than (>) 25, it will return a message to you indicating the number of matches instead of loading the results directly to you. This gives you the opportunity to narrow your search scope without having to wait for a large amount of data to travel from the server to your screen only to realize you should have narrowed your search criteria. This is helpful when you are familiar with the data and have an idea of the information which should be returned for your search.

  • Show All Results
    If you wish to see all matches discovered, regardless of number, choose the Show all results option prior to executing your search.

    If you receive a message stating that more than 25 matches were discovered and wish to view each of them, use your browser's Back button (as recommended in the displayed message) to return you to the basic search page and the criteria previously entered. Then simply select the Show all results radio button and re-execute your search by clicking on the Search button.

The Reset button clears the input boxes and resets to the default settings.

Nitty Gritty Details

Topics from the DoD SBIR FY2009.2 Solicitation are available for searches.

The Topics Search site utilizes a database created from converted solicitation topics. See the Conversion Information page for details. Searches on this site are performed using Standard Query Language (SQL) against a relational database.

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