5.4(e) Company Commercialization Report (Volume Four)

The Company Commercialization Report is the fourth section of a complete proposal package. The Company Commercialization Report is prepared through the DoD Electronic Submission Web site (www.dodsbir.net/submission). A Company Commercialization Report is required even if the proposing firm has not previously received SBIR or STTR awards. Follow the instructions on the web site and enter the quantitative commercialization results of your firm's prior Phase II projects. Include the items listed below as well as other information relative to your firm's commercialization track record.

a. Sales revenue from new products and non-R&D services resulting from Phase II technology;
b. Additional investment from sources other than the federal SBIR/STTR Program in activities that further the development and/or commercialization of Phase II technology;
c. Whether the Phase II technology has been used in a fielded DoD system or acquisition program and, if so, which system or program;
d. The number of patents resulting from the contractor's participation in the SBIR/STTR Program;
e. Growth in number of firm employees; and
f. Whether the firm has completed an initial public offering of stock (IPO) resulting, in part, from a Phase II project.

All prior DoD and non-DoD Phase II projects must be reported, regardless of whether the project has any commercialization to date.

The Web site will compare these results to the historical averages for the DoD SBIR Program to calculate a Commercialization Achievement Index (CAI) value. Only firms with four or more Phase II projects that were awarded at least two years prior to this solicitation will receive a CAI score; otherwise the CAI is not applicable (see the Company Commercialization Report section of the DoD Submission Web site for more details). Firms with a CAI at the 20th percentile or below will be rated no higher than "Marginal" for this factor. This report shall only be prepared once and submitted with all your proposals for this solicitation. A report showing that a firm has received no prior Phase II awards will not affect the firm's ability to obtain an SBIR award.

Additional explanatory material relating to the firm's record of commercializing its prior SBIR or STTR projects may be included in the Commercialization Track Record Narrative section of the Company Commercialization Report. Examples of the additional information include: commercialization successes in government or private sector markets that are not fully captured in the quantitative results (e.g. commercialization resulting from your firm's prior Phase I projects); any mitigating factors that could account for low commercialization; and recent changes in the firm's organization or personnel designed to increase the firm's commercialization success.